Our sponsors

Sponsors help us organise Riviera DEV. Without them, none of this would be possible! Thanks!


Red Hat

Red Hat is the world’s leading provider of open source solutions, using a community-powered approach to provide reliable and high-performing cloud, virtualization, storage, Linux, and middleware technologies. Red Hat also offers award-winning support, training, and consulting services. Red Hat is an S&P 500 company with more than 80 offices spanning the globe, empowering its customers’ businesses



Amadeus is a technology company dedicated to the global travel industry.

Amadeus is present in 195 countries with a worldwide team of more than 12,000 people. Amadeus solutions help improve the business performance of travel agencies, corporations, airlines, airports, hotels, railways and more.


AViSTO is a R&D and services software engineering company. It specializes in complex projects using object oriented technologies, Web technologies and Mobile technologies.

AViSTO know-how covers all phases of the software development process, from the collection of customer needs to the development of next releases. Its highly-qualified engineers work in a variety of areas, including information systems, web, telecom, industrial software, embedded application software and network.

AViSTO has 8 technical centers in France and one nearshore development center in Serbia.

Advans Group employs a thousand engineers in 6 countries.


Dailymotion is one of the largest video hosting platforms in the world with just over 200 million people watching content on our video player every month. Our engineering team work hard to build a product that all our users will love. From content ingestion to geo-storage, from data farming to a world-class video player and a seamless watching experience all our teams are constantly working to align performance, scalability and perfection.


Orange est l’un des principaux opérateurs européens et africains du mobile et de l’accès internet ADSL et l’un des leaders mondiaux des services de télécommunications aux entreprises.

La Digital Factory, une des directions du SI Orange France, implantée à Sophia Antipolis a pour mission de développer et héberger les services et applications des univers Orange (dont Orange.fr, 118712, l’application mail, l’espace client, les moteurs de recherche…) mais aussi de proposer, maintenir et héberger un catalogue de services qui supportent les activités techniques et commerciales du groupe.

Elle développe ses activités autour de la data, la gestion de contenu, des analytics (analyse prédictive, algorithmes appliqués à la personnalisation de l’expérience client ou à l’amélioration de la qualité de service, technologies big data), des technologies du cloud (PaaS et CaaS), du développement open source pour le front, le back, les applis mobile.



By offering the best of traditional databases as well as the flexibility, scale and performance today’s applications require, we let innovators deploy apps as big as they can possibly dream. From startups to enterprises, for the modern and the mission-critical, MongoDB is the database for giant ideas



Lunatech was founded in 1993 as an IT consulting, product research and development team. We specialise in custom solutions with emphasis on integration of diverse information systems. We have intimate knowledge of both Java and Scala. We don’t tie ourselves to specific technical solutions. This allows us to offer customer and project-focused solutions. Through the use of embedded teams we better understand the customer’s needs and we are able to reduce the time to complete modifications.