Call for papers


CFP opens: early December

CFP closes: February 15

Program announced early March


250-300 attendees
20 minutes
5 available
Come present an exceptional and amazing topic to the entire Riviera DEV audience. The topic should be more or less related to IT or research, but mostly inspiring.


100-150 attendees
50 minutes
24 available
Come present a topic you care about in one of our two tracks. From diving into the JVM internals to presenting the latest cool JS framework running inside a container, we are open to a wide spectrum of topics.

Conference / JUDCon

100-150 attendees
50 minutes
12 available
Come present a topic you care about, related to Red Hat, selected by our Red Hat partner. From middleware to containers, share with us a technical talk or a success story of using a Red Hat related product.


10-40 attendees
50 minutes
12 available
We're not just developers: developers are passionned people, but not just about computer science. Come share about your passion such as sushi cooking, yoga, lock picking, wood working, Hama pearls and more… Surprise us !

Come to Riviera DEV share your passion

On top of the great conference, make sure to stay for the week-end on the French Riviera. Don't miss the speaker dinner on Friday evening, with a great dinner on the beach.


Corinne Krych
Damien Ciabrini
Jean-Michael Legait
Julien Viet
Laurent Dollé
Michèle Legait
Olivier Audard
Sébastien Blanc
Suzanne Decrême
Yannis Bres
Youri Bonnaffé