Node.js on OpenShift For Your Enterprise
Cloud & Containers Intermediate

For many companies, making the switch to microservices can be a big change. There are new architectures and patterns to consider, dev ops challenges, and the cloud. Red Hat’s OpenShift is not just for Java developers. If you want to learn more about Node.js on OpenShift, this session will break it all down for you. I will discuss what Node.js offerings are available through OpenShift, and how to quickly get up and running with a simple application.

But, of course, your business does not run on toy applications, and so we will dig a little deeper to learn how to deploy resilient, load balanced Node.js microservices on OpenShift. Touching on clustering, service discovery, and how your Node microservices can participate as an equal in an enterprise Java ecosystem.

JUDCon [Amphi 139]
11 May 2017
11:20 - 12:10