Mastering Deployments with Kubernetes & OpenShift: from Basic to Zero Downtime, Blue/Green, Canary and A/B
DevOps Beginner

The “deploy moment” is an occasion that still gives many developers the shivers. But it shouldn’t be this way (at least not every time). Luckily enough, we have tools and processes today that enable us to turn the deploy moment into an usual activity. Gone where the days when we had to automate everything by hand. Today we have Kubernetes, OpenShift, and Fabric8 to automate out-of-box many different scenarios. And if we need even more advanced scenarios we can use tools like Zuul and FF4J to solve the cumbersome parts for us.

Come and join this live demo session with lots of different deployment scenarios: from basic to advanced. We'll cover the basic deployment concepts and then we'll dig into demoing how can we use open source tools like Kubernetes, OpenShift, Fabric8, Zuul and FF4J to master the deployment art.

JUDCon [Amphi 139]
11 May 2017
10:20 - 11:10